Dawn Thiessen

Dawn Thiessen is the owner of Aphrodite In Me Spa, and has been an aesthetician working and teaching in the beauty industry for over twenty five years. She currently teaches programs at Aim Aesthetics Academy  and holds a Provincial Instructors  Degree.  She has  participated in seminars and lectures to further  her knowledge and the knowledge of her peers within the beauty industry. It is her passion to create a  positive learning environment in which all students are comfortable and excited about learning within the beauty industry.

Dawn is a community minded individual and participates in many community fund raisers . A member in good standing with the Beauty Council of BC, as well as a board member of  Uptown Rutland Business Association and a member of the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce she encourages and supports beneficial changes in her community. She is an active volunteer  within the Rutland area where she grew up as a child and supports the “Together we grow ” and “We are just getting started “projects.

A practicing Reiki Master and advocate of the mind body connection, she  believes in the power of healing  treatments utilizing natural essential oils,natural beauty products and holistic healing techniques. Aphrodite In Me Spa therefore caries many naturally based scent free product lines, locally manufactured products, as well as a gluten free skin care line. Come in and book your appointment today.

We are pleased  to announce the opening of Aim Aesthetics Academy this year. Aim Aesthetics Academy offers courses that are available in class as well as  privately tutored ;to accommodate your schedule. For more information on courses see the course selection page on this website.See you in class.

Chelsea O’Hara


  Chelsea O’Hara is a new nail technician at Aphrodite In Me Spa, having completed her schooling in May of 2014 through the Aim Aesthetics Academy program.  Though new to the profession, she’s passionate and dedicated to giving the best quality and originality to her work.  Specializing in hand painted, personalized designs on her nails, as well as creative twists on classics.  Aside from nails, she’s an avid jewelry maker and designer, recently releasing a line of dragonfly inspired pendants and earrings.